Jan 02, 2015

How do you get a new Apple ID for your iPod if you get a message stating your ID is disabled?

Also, is there a way to keep your music, etc. on your iPod instead of having to erase everything if it is locked and you have to restore it? Also, what do you do if your account has been disabled? Thank you.
I think your best bet might be to take your iPod to your local Apple store and have them walk you through fixing this.
You are going to need to try to reset your password. Sometimes this message pops up because there have been too many failed attempts to log in to your account, sometimes it just seems to happen.

You might be able to reset it using this link (password reset is on the right): https://appleid.apple.com/

If that doesn’t work, you will need to contact Apple support. You can do it through this page: https://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/
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