Dec 30, 2014

How to stop phone from shutting down apps on its own after update to Android 5.0?

My friend’s Moto X has been really slow since the upgrade to Android 5.0 - it takes forever for everything to reappear on the home screen when exiting an app, and it shuts down apps on its own for no apparent reason. Is there anything I can do to make it work better (like it did before the so-called upgrade)?
Memory leak is an issue with Android 5.0, and it hasn’t been fixed yet. From what the Moto X is doint, It sounds like that is exactly what your friend is experiencing. There have been a number of comments on Android issue tracker (it’s issue 79728) about this, and it is pretty clear that (1) it is an issue, and (2) Google is aware of it and presumable will address it with an update. Beyond that, it is just something people will have to deal with until a fix is out.
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