Dec 30, 2014

How to fix problem using HDMI splitter with PS4?

I’m running low on HDMI inputs on my TV, and thought I would use a splitter to gain some extra inputs. I’m using a cheap Portta PET0301 switcher, and it works fine with my PS3. Whenever I try to use it with my PS4, lights on the switcher start to flash and it doesn’t seem to recognize it. Any suggestions?
You are using an unpowered (aka passive) HDMI splitter. You will need to get a powered splitter to use with the PS4. There is not enough power carried over the HDMI cable from the PS4 for it to work properly. If you get a decent powered splitter, it should work with the PS4 just fine. I personally have a Kinivo powered splitter that I think I paid around $30 for hooked up to a PS4, and I haven’t had any issues.
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