Dec 30, 2014

Are files that are stored in the cloud compressed?

I was wondering whether cloud storage providers compress files, and if so, does this cause a loss of quality for image and audio files?
In normal circumstance this should not happen since you are paying for whatever space your data is consuming, but as David pointed out some do(SugarSync) and some don't(like mine EndpointVault and many other).
To answer your second question if they do compress i am sure they are smart enough to use technology that does not cause loss of data quality when the user download the file back
Some do (like SugarSync), some (like Dropbox) don't compress. Read the terms of service to be sure. In some cases, you can specify no compression as one of the upload options.

Yes, if they do compress, there could be a loss of quality, depending on how they do it.
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