Dec 28, 2014

How to delete all mail in gmail?

From an older answer by Number6:

"...[Y]ou should be able to do a batch delete.

1. Open Gmail (obviously).

2. Check the “select” box. This is the first box on the left in the row of rectangular boxes near the top of the gmail page. (“Select”, “Archive”, “Report Spam”, etc.).

3. When you check the “select” box, a line of text will appear directly under it that says, “All 50 conversations are this page are selected. Select all 999 (however many messages you have) conversations in Primary (or Social or Promotions).

4. Click on the “Select all 999 in Primary” to mark all of your messages.

5. Click on the delete button (the little trash can icon) that is on the same row of boxes as the select button.

You may have to repeat the process for various sections (primary, social and promotions), but you do not need to go through all of the pages individually."
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