Aug 05, 2011

What are your primary requirements when choosing a location for a data center?

What are your primary requirements when choosing a location for a data center? It's not just the cost of the real estate - obviously the cost of electricity for running servers and cooling them is critical. Anything else?

Hi rtrembley,

Here are two articles that explore this in depth. I think you'll find them helpful if you're in the market for a data center solution.

How to Choose a Data Center

"After a bad experience, I vowed to myself that I wouldn't get fooled again. I put on my Due Diligence Hat and sat down to determine how to choose a data center. Following are the major points which you absolutely cannot ignore if you hope to be successful. I wish I had this article when I was going about my business. Here, I hope to provide, in no particular order, a definitive list of investigation points."

Choosing a Data Center Solution: Features & Benefits of Colocation

"Choosing the best data center to house our servers and associated infrastructure wasn’t a snap decision. We researched several data center solutions, finally settling on ours after numerous on-site visits and discussions with the data center staff regarding the features and benefits of their colocation services. Based on our experience, we can offer the following tips for choosing a reliable data center..."


You need to visit hosting facilities and meet the people. Shake hands, inspect the location and make sure that they're not some fly-by-night joint. I've seen a few places where I wouldn't trust them to host a dumb hub and a workstation. They need security-minded staff, 24x7x365 access, redundant power, redundant ISP access, and ladders to help you reach the top shelf in the server rack. I would never trust a hosting center blindly, like we trust hotels for a vacation destination. They need to earn my trust.


In my company's case, we chose a hosting center run by a company that has multiple locations, so that as our company grows, we can run servers in a mesh network across multiple sites. Having a physical location close to us was also kind of important because I guess someone might see us as being "server huggers". It's nice if you  have to do a reboot to drop in on the data center without having to go through airports.

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