Dec 24, 2014

Is there any reason to pay extra for an OEM factory charger instead of a cheap 3rd party USB charger?

OEM charges cost much more than 3rd party chargers. For example, I found a generic charger for an iPhone 5 for $4.79 online, while the Apple power adapter was around $20 plus you have to get the cable for another $29. I picked Apple for the example because I knew they would be expensive before I even looked, but that is a huge difference in price. There is only so much voltage that can go through a USB port, and the USB port itself is standardized.
Some of the aftermarket ones are junk, especially the counterfeits. Check out this comparison of the output of various chargers. Some of the aftermarket ones are way off from their rated output, and the power is shocking noisy with lots of voltage spikes in some of them. I personally think that the prices for an OEM Apple charger are absurd, but at the same time they do provide clean power and the output is about what it is supposed to be.
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