Dec 24, 2014

Will the cloud kill gaming consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One?

It was announced that Playstation Now will be on some Samsung TV, and it will allow people without a gaming console to play video games using a streaming service. Has the cloud made gaming consoles obsolete? Will we even see another physical generation of consoles if smart TVs can just stream games? Gaming is big business, with US revue alone amounting to an estimated $20.5 billion, so there is a lot at stake.
There are many people, including myself, who like to physically own their games. A serious problem with a cloud based system is that players are dependent on the service continuing to offer any given game. Know how you can pick up a 25 year old NES game cartridge and play it today in your NES? That kind of longevity will become a thing of the past with a cloud based, streaming model.
I think for precisely this reason that consoles will live on for at least a few more years. It is hard to replace a multi-core, high-density graphics processing platform with something inside a browser or whatever technology will replace it in the future. The intensive, immersive experience that can be found on today's consoles will be hard to match with a simple video stream. So the short answer is no, they aren't yet obsolete.
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