Dec 24, 2014

How can a hotel block its guests’ hotspots?

The FCC sanctioned Marriott hotels for blocking its guests’ personal WiFi hotspots a few months ago. Apparently the company was not happy with this decision and they are now petitioning the FCC to explicitly allow them to block hotspots, claiming that it is necessary to “provide the best service to their customers.” Putting aside whether anyone really believes that Marriott really wants to charge customers extra for WiFi just because they want to provide the “best service,” how can they block the hotspots? They use a private 3G/4G cellular account that has nothing to do with Marriott, so I assume the company can’t block the cellular signal.
Packet deauthorization. Enterprise wireless access points can send deauthentication packets to devices on any SSID (network name) that isn't on the approved list to make it useless.
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