Dec 24, 2014

How does Google “forget” people who use the EU Right to be Forgotten law?

When Google “forgets” people who request that they be removed from search results, what does the company do? Does it delete all the data that the company has about that person?
How Google’s New “Right To Be Forgotten” Form Works: An Explainer

"Will everything get removed? No, according to our source — but requests that are complete and make a reasonable explanation of why a listing is irrelevant, outdated or inappropriate in that person’s view should have a good chance of being removed.

Google has already received thousands of requests, it has acknowledged, even before this form has gone up. Our source says that most of these are unlikely to be approved, as they won’t have met the formalized criteria that the form requires, such as ID. But, those people can resubmit using the now formal process.

Overall, each removal will be examined on a case-by-case basis. In the case of rejection, people will be notified and told they can appeal to their country’s data protection agency."
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