Dec 22, 2014

Why is Microsoft killing Sharepoint Online Public Websites, and how long will we have to migrate existing websites?

I’m not too pleased to learn that MS is killing off Sharepoint Online Public Websites in Office 365 as soon as next month. This is exactly the type of thing that dissuades people from embracing the cloud. Why did they make this decision? Also, how long will we have before Microsoft shuts down the Office 365 servers and we have to migrate the site to a new host?
Microsoft users not happy over quiet SharePoint Online feature cuts

"I am hearing from my sources that it does sound like Microsoft is planning to drop Public Sites from SharePoint Online, most likely around the time frame that the Office 365 Answers site mentioned. Public sites are public-facing Web sites that small and mid-size businesses can create and host on SharePoint.

I asked Microsoft officials whether this was the case and was told by a spokesperson the company had nothing to say about SharePoint Online changes or Public Sites in particular."
According to this KB post, if you are a current customer you have at least another two years of use with the public websites. So if this is important to you, subscribe now. And if you are a current subscriber and think you might want this feature, activate before the end of January on your account to be eligible.

The claim is that Microsoft will integrate several third-party solutions that offer a richer experience than what they could provide with the public website feature, although why they couldn't offer it to new customers is odd. (What, the compute power has too much overhead for them?) They will let us all know next month with these new solutions will be revealed.
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