Dec 19, 2014

Why is “don’t hack core” the so-called Golden Rule of Drupal?

This is a term that gets used a lot with Drupal. It’s a little like having a big red button that says, “Do not push!” Why is “don’t hack core” so emphasized for Drupal?
Never hack core

"This phrase is commonly heard in the Drupal community. You might have seen it on T-shirts or stickers. You might have seen the video. It is one of the most important best practices for Drupal.

With "core" is meant all the files that belong to the original Drupal installation. That is all files except the ones in the "sites" folder. You can add install profiles to the directory "profiles," but you should not modify any of the already present files in that folder."
From Beginning Drupal by Jacob Redding:
“...for the sanity of all Drupal developers support professionals, users, and you. When you modify Drupal’s core files, you make it difficult to upgrade your site, troubleshoot the site, and maintain the site. Drupal is built upon a system of APIs and overrides, meaning that all of your customizations can be kept within your “Sites” folder.”
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