Dec 16, 2014

How to use fast window switching on Windows 8?

How do you quickly switch between users on a Windows 8 PC?
Assuming the other person already has an account (if not you need to set him/her up with one first):

1. Go to the start screen (either hit the Windows key on your keyboard or do it from the Charms bar if you have a touch screen).
2. Click on your user account picture in the top right corner of the screen.
3. In the resulting drop-down menu, select the name of the person who wants to sign in and use your computer (or tablet).
4. When that person is done, they should repeat steps 1 and 2, except he should choose “sign out”.
5. Enter your password and Windows will take you back to what you were doing before you used fast windows switching.
How To Enable/Disable Fast User Switching In Windows 8

"Like previous versions of Windows, the Log Off and Lock functions in Windows 8 enable users to quickly switch between all the available user accounts without having to restart or shutdown the PC. When you lock the screen, it shows you a back navigation button on the logon screen to let you quickly switch to any user account without having to quit background processes. Often, when users switch to other accounts via Lock function, the background processes become unstable, and in some cases, Windows forcibly closes conflicting system processes. If you don’t want to allow switching between user accounts on your PC, you can use the Microsoft Management Console snap-in called Local Group Policy Editor to change the Fast User Switching policy setting. In what follows, we will guide you through the process of disabling Fast User Switching in Windows 8."
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