Aug 03, 2011

Why is my 3g modem using so much data?

I'm using an AT&T usb 3G adapter on my notebook when I leave town on business, and I keep hitting that data limit of 2GB. I hate having to pay extra for additional data since I'm not always on the road, and I already have to pay for internet access at home and on my cellphone, so this is a _3rd_ internet bill. How can I determine what's responsible for all the data usage?


Another thing to look at is how you run the internet on your notebook. Do you keep a bunch of web browser windows or  tabs open? As the various pages refresh, they download new advertisements (without your permission, naturally) in order to keep the page content fresh.


Have you checked your computer for viruses or spyware? That should be the first thing to find out, since spyware on your machine could very easily be leeching your 3g cellular data plan, trying to infect someone else.

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