Dec 16, 2014

How to use Target Display Mode to view PS3 on iMac?

Can I use the Target Display Mode to make use of an old iMac as a display for my PS3? Since the PS4 is seeing more use in the living room, I’d like to use the PS3 as a bedroom gaming system and Blu Ray player without purchasing a new display/TV, and the iMac has a pretty nice display. Will this work?
It might work, but only with late 2009 to mid 2010 27” iMacs with Mini DisplayPort input (after that they used Thunderbolt connections). You are also going to have to get a converter, and I’m not sure how easy or cost effective that will be. I searched around a little, and from what I could find, a Dr. Bot or Kanex XD converter should work for you to convert HDMI to Mini Displayport. I looked on Amazon, and you should be able to pick up a Kanex XD converter for around $100. Don’t forget, this will only work with very specific iMacs!

Here is Apple’s support page for TDM:

"The only iMac with built-in video input is the new 27-inch model, and that currently only works with DisplayPort input.

Other iMac models do not have any type of built-in video input. There are video input devices that work through USB, but they are typically designed to capture a TV signal (both standard and HD) for DVR functionality, so it is probably not ideal for using with a PS3. However, since a PS3 is designed to work with HDTVs, it may work. You can display a live signal in a window, and expand that window to full screen mode. If you want to look into it, the most popular products of this type are made by Elgato and Miglia."
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