Dec 12, 2014

How to actually print screen in Windows 8?

Yes, I know that there is a print screen key (actually PrtScr on my laptop). However, this does not actually cause the attached printer to print the screen. How do I take and print a screenshot in Windows 8?
You can also use another tool that allows you to screenshot and print it out directly. Here are some of those tools: Snagit, Free Screenshot Capture, and GreenShot.
I think name on the key is confusing. The PrtScr key actually just takes a screen shot that you can then paste into Paint (or whatever) and print. You can also do an entire screen capture by hitting the Windows key + PrtPcr. It was save it as a PNG file in the Pictures folder under the name Screenshots. You can go there, right click on the file name, choose “Print” from the pop-up menu and it will send it to your printer.
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