Dec 10, 2014

How can I use Google Cardboard VR with an iPhone?

One neat thing I ran across during my Christmas shopping was the Cardboard VR goggles that Google came out with for Android devices. It’s not fancy, but for $20 to try a virtual reality headset, it still seems like a steal. Obviously the Android apps won’t work on an iPhone, but is there are way to use Google Cardboard and experience virtual reality with an iPhone?
VR Labyrinth is made for iPhone and Android. Im using it with my iPhone 5c.
Check on the Apps Store for apps created for the Durovis Drive, another VR headset. They should work just fine with Cardboard.
Use the Google Cardboard VR headset with an iPhone!

"Of course, this being a Google product, it's exclusively for Android devices, right? Wrong! There are at least five iOS apps that work with Cardboard, all of them proof-positive that app developers may want to consider supporting the platform.

Want to see for yourself? For starters, you'll need the "hardware." Google's plans for a DIY Cardboard are readily available online, but you can also buy a readymade kit for as little as $20. For purposes of testing, I used one of Unofficial's Cardboard kits with my iPhone 5S. It worked fine, but I suspect a smaller iPhone (like the 4 or 4S) might actually prove a bit too small. If you're building a kit yourself, you can customize the dimensions to better fit a smaller screen."
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