Dec 10, 2014

Has adoption of the cloud helped decrease the use of pirated software?

You can get pirated anything these days - Burberry scarfs, Coach bags, Nike name it. Software piracy undoubtedly costs companies many millions of dollars in lost profits every year, and obviously they would like to stop those losses. Has that played a role in the adoption of the cloud computing model? Have software companies like Adobe that embraced the cloud seen a decrease in piracy?
I doubt it very much. The folks that want to pirate software will always find a way to do so, cloud or not. That is the reality that software developers have to live with now and probably far into the future.
The short answer is no. I tend to agree with this comment:

"So changing the software delivery model from downloading to a subscription approach will not inevitably discourage software pirates from devising new ways to misuse software. The subscription approach is comparable to how one pays for and receives cable television. Just as people [illegally] share their cable connection with a neighbor; it’s not a far stretch for a person to share their connection to the Cloud with another user."
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