Dec 09, 2014

Why is Sony so often the target of hackers?

In addition to the recent well publicized breach of Sony that resulted in sensitive corporate information and personal data for thousands of its employees being exposed, it seems that Sony is often the target of hackers. I just saw a story in The Telegraph that said “Sony's PlayStation online store was hacked on Monday, leading to a two-hour outage.” Why is Sony the target of so much ire? Are they really getting hit more than other companies, or do we just hear about it more?
It honestly seems like the Japanese economy has been under attack since the recession bail out. We had their auto industry under attack with all the Toyota recalls and crazy claims coming out of the woodwork and now hackers are going after Japanese consoles. East VS West. This is my crazy conspiracy theory and I'm sticking to it.
First off, a lot of it is lazy press reporting DDoS attacks as a website being hacked. That was exactly what happened earlier this week, and instead of even using the term DDoS, many news outlets just said something along the lines of “Sony hacked again!”

To be fair, Sony has had their fair share of actual security breaches, the two largest being when PSN was compromised a couple of years ago and the Sony Pictures data breach recently. This is in part due to Sony making certain groups angry, ranging from actual hackers mad about anti-piracy steps to North Korea freaking out about an unflattering movie. Sony also seems to have made some poor security decisions as well. They had a folder named “Passwords” which contained exactly that: plain text passwords, for example.
They are a huge company, and when you're that big you also become a big target. So I don't think this is the last time we'll hear about them being hacked.
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