Dec 09, 2014

How to get additional storage space in OneDrive for free?

I saw that Microsoft offers an additional 200GB of OneDrive storage space for free if you buy a Surface. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to throw down the money for a Surface, but I could use more than the 15GB I currently have on OneDrive. Are there any other ways to get additional free OneDrive storage?
Looks like davidstrom gave you a good answer, but here's a link to the OneDrive support page in case you have any issues with it:
Sure thing, Microsoft has several promotions. If you boost that up to 1 TB, you get a copy of Office 365, and it will only cost you $7 a month, that can be a good deal.

But you said free: So you can boost your storage by 3 GB when you backup your camera roll or by 500 MB if you refer a friend (for up to 10 friends).

There is also a coupon where you can boost your storage by 100 GB for a year only here:
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