Dec 08, 2014

How to combine two SkyDrive accounts?

I have had an established Microsoft account going back to the hotmail days, but I wanted something a little more adult sounding than the email name I picked out when I was a 19 year old college student, so I signed up for a new account. Now I have a nice, appropriate Outlook email address, which is nice. What I didn’t think about is that my nice, big cloud storage plan is connected to the old address, and I created a new account when I created the new email address. Doh! Is there a way I can combine the two SkyDrive accounts?
According to Microsoft, you might have a problem:

“If you've already created another account with the email address you want, there's not much you can do. If you try to create the address you want on the old account it won't let you because you can't have two accounts using the same email alias. You'll have to decide which account to use. If you decide to keep the old account then you'll have to create a new email address that's different from the email address on the new account. If you choose to use the new account instead then you can simply remove the old account; if you have any subscriptions tied to that old account then you must stop those subscriptions before you delete the account.”
Another user had this suggestion:

1. Download the Onedrive software onto your computer. When you activate it, log in with your OLD account.

2. Wait. It will take some time for your computer to download and sync with Onedrive. This will put a copy of your Onedrive folders onto your computer hard drive (as a folder)

3. Goto the control panel on your computer to "Programs and Features" and UNINSTALL the Onedrive software.

4. Using a web browser, go to Onedrive web page (be sure you are logged out first). On the web page download the software and reinstall it BUT WHEN YOU REINSTALL IT US YOUR NEW Onedrive account name and log-in.

5. The software will indicate that you already have a Onedrive folder on your computer (it will survive the uninstall of the sync software). Allow the software to keep the folder and use it for your NEW account. It will automatically upload the contents to your new account.

6. Done, after a few hours, all you old Onedrive content will be on your new account (and on your old one).

The short answer is no, not easily. Back in the day, Skydrive offered 25 GB of free storage, and they have been a lot stingier at present.

You can manually download your files from the account with the smaller capacity to the older one with the larger capacity, but no easy automated way to do so.

Another idea is to add an alias to your old account so you can access it with your new address, as Microsoft suggests here:
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