Dec 04, 2014

Why aren't Windows 8 apps working?

I use an acer aspire, newest model as of December 2013 with touchscreen. Recently my computer crashed, and I was required to factory reset everything on my computer. I have noticed that I can now not access any of my startup apps, like Skype, and the app I downloaded that lets me connect my phone to my computer easily. I have downloaded everything I had before, but now none of my app work.
If i install the KB2267602 update, my metro apps do not open more.
Already tested all the solutions presented in the links and no results.
My only solution is to not install the KB2267602 update.
The easiest thing might be to try a System Restore to a point before you were having the problem. I’m not sure why you had to do a factory reset though, so that might not be an option.

Try to uninstall/reinstall Skype, or at least try to update it to the latest version. If you did a factory reset, you might not have the most recent version of Skype, and that can prevent you from being able to sign in. You can get the latest Skype version here:
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