Dec 03, 2014

How to save video to the cloud in real time?

How can you make sure that video you are recording on a smartphone is automatically saved to the cloud in real time so that it can’t be deleted? There was an incident in Denver recently where the police tried to delete video recorded on a smartphone that showed them punching a suspect repeatedly and flipping a pregnant woman face down on the ground. The citizens were only able to produce video backing up their story because it was saved to the cloud before the police deleted it on their phone. Not that I’m expecting something similar to happen, but hey, you never know, and it would be nice to know that the video was safely stored in the cloud.
You might want to take a look at Bambuser. It will stream your video in real time, so there is no opportunity for it to be deleted prior to syncing. I’ve never used the iOS version, but I’ve tried the Android version for some live streaming of an event I went to and it works pretty well. There is a free version, or if you have an extra $45 a month you want to spend, you can get the premium version. For you purpose, I’d go free unless you do a lot of protesting or whatnot.
As long as you have set up your iCloud replication features on your phone property to move the videos to the cloud. Where things get complicated is if your iCloud account has more than one device connected to it and it has to sync across these multiple devices.
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