Dec 03, 2014

Top cloud computing trends in 2015

What will be the big things to watch in the cloud computing space in 2015?
Mergers and acquisitions of the big three cloud providers
The top three (Amazon, Microsoft and Google) get bigger
Hybrid cloud installations take of for enterprise accounts
Big Data Analytics gets a start
Container technology takes off
Internet of Things for consumers gets off to a promising start
I agree with some of these points:

-- Convergence of IaaS and PaaS. It is getting harder to draw the line. And does it really matter anymore anyway?

-- Emergence of Data as a Service. The rise of the data driven marketplaces, such as Azure Marketplace, Informatica, Datamarket and others mentioned here:

-- There is no monolithic app that can drive cloud infrastructure adoption. There is no monolithic cloud situation. There will be lots of different apps and clouds, and used for different reasons.

-- The changing nature of the desktop. The mobile device, phone or tablet or some intermediate size, has become the defacto endpoint, replacing desktops and laptops. But we'll see more desktops-as-a-service happening now, and even virtual workspaces that go beyond mere terminal emulation or VDI deployments taking hold.
The cloud computing market continues to mature and become a mission critical endeavor for many companies, large and small. That momentum will continue in a big way next year. IDC estimates that the IaaS cloud market (which is what I focus on) is a $56.6B industry in 2014 and will grow to a $127 billion market by 2018.
More specifically, there are a couple of major themes among IaaS cloud providers. One is around application development. Much of the cloud market thus far has been about using the cloud for disaster recovery of existing applications, or as scale-out capacity for a test environment. The new push for vendors like market-leader Amazon Web Services is to make its cloud be the best possible spot to build and host new applications. At the company’s re:Invent show it outlined a number of features in this realm. This partially represents the convergence of the IaaS and platform as a service (PaaS) markets, which is a broad trend to watch for in 2015. Docker, container management and develops in general will be fun to watch too.
The other big thing to watch in 2015 is how AWS’s two biggest competitors will continue to advance in this market: Microsoft and Google. Microsoft is already giving AWS a run for its money, and Satya Nadella seems committed to competing in the cloud. What will Microsoft do to really take on AWS? Google has been making some big moves as well and has released envelope-puhsing features on its cloud. Cloud enthusiasts are waiting to see what 2015 has to bring. Other competitors like HP, Verizon, VMware and others are expected to continue to advance their platform as well.
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