Dec 02, 2014

What's the minimum reporting to expect from a cloud service provider?

What kind of reporting and dashboarding should I be looking for when researching cloud service providers?
The reports vary in terms of completeness, graphical summaries, and items that are reported. At a minimum you should be able to see what your current monthly bill is and what are the elements that make up that bill, what VMs have been provisioned and whether or not they are active and running or in some dormant state, and what is the total storage usage for all of your instances.

Other things: can these reports be delivered to your email inbox on a regular basis? If you set up something incorrectly and get a huge bill, how long before you actually get notified? Once I set up a VPN on AWS and didn't realize that the VPNs are billed not on usage but on the amount of time since they were setup. That was an unhappy surprise!
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