Aug 02, 2011

How to get my webcam to turn on in Google+?

I just tried out Google + to do a hangout but my coworker says he can't see me through the webcam, he just gets a generic pic. My computer is a Compaq laptop, a CQ56. Any idea how I can get the webcam to turn on? Is there some command I need to find in Google+?

Hi delia25,

You might also want to make sure all of your laptop's drivers are updated. Sometimes a bad or older drive can be the cause of a failure. So be sure to check that out and perhaps ask about it if you talk to Compaq tech support.

First, check your computer's Device Manager to see if you have a webcam. I just googled and learned that some Compaq CQ56's come with cameras onboard, while others don't. If you don't see a section called Imaging devices in your Device Manager, it's probably worth it to call HP tech support to have them walk you through the process of getting it up and running.

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