Nov 28, 2014

How to disable Briefing feature on Galaxy Note 4?

Is there a way to turn off this feature? Samsung insists on sticking this on the Note and cluttering up the homescreen, although at least with the Note 4 they changed the name from My Magazine to Briefing.
There are certain steps you need to follow
Enter Galaxy Note 4 home screen editing mode
uncheck Flipboard briefing in the Home screen settings
Return to home screen. For any other support you can check at Samsung India site in its support option.

"Step 1: First long press the recent button to pull up the launcher.

Step 2: Now Tap “Home screen settings”.

Step 3: You’ll see settings area with few options.

Step 4: Tap on Flipboard Briefing.

Step 5: Just uncheck the box.

Step 6: You can also see My Magazine option in the settings."
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