Nov 26, 2014

What are the best Black Friday deals for techies?

Are there any really great deals that you’ve run across for Black Friday? I saw Xbox One bundles for $329 at a number of places, which would be great if I didn’t already have a PS4. Any other “steals” to be aware of?
Amazon has a great Black Friday Deals page set up with tons of products available:
PCworld has a few good suggestions too. They agree with Hitch about the Asus laptop to lead off, and among others also suggest Chromecast for $25 at Staples, Walmart or Target. You can see their entire list here:
You can get an Asus X205TA laptop running Windows 8.1 for $99 at Staples. It’s not a laptop with killer specs, but for $99 I think it’s a steal. If you can tolerate Walmart, they have Beats Solo headphones for $80.

Here are a couple of guides to some other deals from cnet and Tom’s Guide:,news-17897.html
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