Nov 24, 2014

How to stop Outlook from automatically marking emails as read?

Is there a way to stop Outlook (I’m using Outlook 2010) from automatically marking every email you look at as read? A lot of times I scan through emails very quickly to make sure that there is nothing that requires immediate attention, and because I still need to go back and read them carefully I don’t want them marked. This is even more true when I’m working on a project with a shared email - if one of us looks at an email, it’s simply marked as read so the other person can easily miss it.
1. Click on the VIEW tab.
2. Click on the READING PANE dropdown, then select OPTIONS.
3. In the resulting pop-up box, uncheck the box beside “Mark item as read when selection changes.”
4. Click OK.

This should work for both Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.
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