Nov 24, 2014

How to turn on “Touch to Search” feature in Chrome browser for Android?

There is a new feature in the Chrome browser that lets you just touch word or phrase on the screen to initiate a context based search for whatever you just selected, without the need to open a new tab. I know that it’s still in beta, but I’d like to give a try. How can I enable Touch to Search?
1. Open a new tab in Chrome on your Android device
2. Go to ‘chrome://flags#contextual-search’
3. Tap the box that reads ‘Default’ and select ‘Enabled’
4. Tap the ‘Relaunch Now’ button at the bottom of the screen.

If you try it and decide it’s not quite for you, you can disable it one of two ways: either repeat the steps above, but setting the switch back to ‘Default’, or via Settings > Privacy > Touch to Search > Off
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