Nov 24, 2014

How can malware like Regin have been infecting computers since 2008 without being detected?

Symantic released information about Regin, malware that has supposedly been in the wild since 2008. How can malware remain undiscovered for so long? Also, does Regin remain a threat, or now that it has been detected can it be stopped with conventional anti-virus software?
Regin is a very sophisticated trojan most likely developed by a government. This means lots of resources were used in terms of time, talent and funding expressly to make it difficult to detect. Also there are ndications that some firms have been aware of it for some time. Symantic took a year after the initial discovery to complete their research and release a white paper on Regin. Oddly, Kaspersky was able to release a white paper on it less than 24 hours later, suggestion that they had been aware of Regin for some time.

PCworld has an article on Regin that you might find interesting:
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