Nov 20, 2014

Will Gorilla Glass 4 put an end to broken screens?

Like most people who own a smartphone or tablet, I’ve experienced that terrible feeling of dropping it on the floor and having the screen break. It’s expensive to fix broken screens and it really seems one of the only parts of modern mobile devices that isn’t durable enough to take a drop or two in stride. Is the new Gorilla Glass 4 going to be strong enough to eliminate broken screens from most drops?
Don’t expect to have a unbreakable screen. According to Corning, Gorilla Glass 4 survived 80% of drops from one meter during their testing. Sounds good right? Meh, not so much. That means that if you drop your phone five time, on average, it will break on one of those drops. One in five breaks might be an improvement, but that’s a long way from truly durable in my book. Sorry, but while you might get away with a drop without breaking your screen somewhat more often with Gorilla Glass 4 than the older versions, if you are butter fingers when it comes to your smartphone or tablet it would probably be in your best interest to continue using a protective case.

Cornings press release about Gorilla Glass 4 can be found here:
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