Aug 02, 2011

How long will Windows XP keep running?

How long will Windows XP keep running? Even though Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 8, I still see XP machines everywhere I go. Is there anything that could push people off XP onto something newer like Windows 7 or Ubuntu 11?


Windows XP will keep running as long as:


You want to use it (XP 32bit and 64 bit runs very well even on new systems, AHCI drivers can be integrted)

There are drivers available for your hardware

You manage to keep it secure

Can activate it (if not using VL edition)


I personally use XP exclusively (32 and 64 bit) on old and new systems and it works GREAT, even on Core i processors. I use XP at my office and it functions very well without any glitches weather its wireless networking, file sharing, faxing, printing, internet sharing, word processing, spread sheets etc I even use it on my acer 7740G corei3 laptop as the only OS.


XP is solid like a tank.

I think you can probably keep it running for a long time on an older computer. But why bother? There are many great Linux distributions you could replace it with that would be more secure and would perform most, if not all, of the same functions. And you could always run Windows XP (if you have the install disc) in VirtualBox via Linux.

Windows XP has had its day. I suspect that most of us feel glad to see it go. It will be forever remembered as the "Fisher Price" version of Windows. Heh, heh. ;)

Isn't the problem with XP is that it still works? The world is moving to 64 bits, but because there's few compelling reasons to abandon the 32-bit architecture and your existing, capable hardware. Of course, if you wish to upgrade to a multi-core, 64-bit cpu with 8gb RAM and an SSD, that would seem much more capable than any system that was originally sold with XP on it - so capabilities seem to diminish over time.



Microsoft dropped support for Windows XP a couple of years ago, but extended (paid) support ends in April 2014. 



As long as the hard drives keep spinning up with XP on them, it will still be available for people. Although you cannot get new media from Microsoft and it's pretty hard to find XP in retail stores as well.


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