Nov 14, 2014

How to change Windows 8 keyboard layout from British English to American English?

I have a company Windows 8 laptop that I was issued in London. Is there any way to change the keyboard layout from British standard to U.S. standard? I don’t have a lot of need for pounds and euros, and I’d like to have the “#” back in the usual place now that I’m back in the United States.
Just hold down Alt and press Shift, and Windows will switch between U.K. and U.S. keyboard layouts .
Number6 beat me to this question, but here's a link to the Windows 8 support page in case you have additional issues:
1. Open the control panel. You can use “Win+X.”
2. Type “language” in the search box.
3. You should see a box that says “English (United Kingdom)" or "English (UK)". Click the “options” link on the right, and it will take you to “Language Options” where you can change input method to “US.”
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