Nov 13, 2014

What’s the difference between virtualization and private cloud?

Is there any real difference between virtualization and a private cloud? Both allow users to run multiple OSes and software instances on what is the distinction?
Virtualization is only a building block to the cloud. Virtualization does not provide for self service (across the organization), elasticity (outside the cluster), metering, broad network access, and resource pooling across the network.
The difference between private cloud and virtualization

"With all the hype around cloud these days, figuring out where cloud fits and where it doesn’t can be challenging. Private cloud and virtualization often get confused with each other, but in fact, virtualization is usually a component of cloud, whether public or private. Let’s consider a couple of real-world examples to illustrate the difference between virtualization and a true private cloud deployment."
From Windows IT Pro:
“The private cloud is more than virtualization. Virtualization lays the foundation for the cloud by abstracting the server and workload from the underlying hardware. However, the private cloud adds a number of other features, such as service-based management, the ability to automate operations, self-service end-user capabilities, and usage-based chargeback, that go beyond plain virtualization.”
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