Nov 13, 2014

How to restore hotspot/tether functions to Moto E after update?

I have a moto e with the cricket service, and the last update for all moto e had the complete hotspot/tether settings removed from phone. Is there any why to get around this? I have been on google play also windows store app researching tons of apps to replace but most do not come with the complete setting within the app. Also either turn on and do nothing or shut themselves down. Please help.
Cricket now allows the "hotspot" function with the additional charge of $10 per line, per month. The problem is that even though you pay it, the function is removed from the phone altogether by the latest update that we received. I have contacted cricket and they cannot help, they direct you to motorola. They acknowledge the problem and their awareness of it. but they still show our devices as able to perform the function. Cricket will not refund the charge in any event. This answer was provided as information, not a solution. I am still looking and will post it, if I find anything.
Billy has a good answer. If they did remove it then I'd call them and let them know you are not happy with it.
I have had a few devices on Sprint with the same issue. It sounds like Cricket/AT&T has blocked tethering (just like Sprint) so they can charge you extra to use the built-in features of your device. So, the short answer is to get tethering to work, you will need to pay Cricket $10 a month. The especially annoying thing is that they will charge that $10 just to allow you to use the built in capabilities of a phone you already paid for, and then count it against your monthly mobile data. It’s like the power company disabling a light switch in your house, then charging you $10 to turn the switch on, THEN charging you again for the electricity. I think this is an unethical practice by carriers, but they obviously care about one thing and one thing only - how to get as much money as they can out of your pocket and into theirs.

You *might* be able to get around this by rooting. I am not familiar with the Moto E specifically, but with many devices you can root them, then use the Wireless Tether app. You might have to sideload the app; if AT&T did the same thing as Sprint they have had Google Play block tethering apps for your device. The thing is, that what works for one device will not always work for another. For example, on an LG F3, I had to root, then use a combination of two different apps to get tethering to function; one to turn on the radio and a second to make tethering work. I am pretty sure that there is a CWM custom ROM available for your phone if you do decide to root, but be forewarned that there is a chance you could brick your phone and you will certainly void any warranty you have.

You might want to try the Moto E forums on Android Central. Since your device is pretty new, there isn’t a lot of activity on the forum yet, but someone may have some helpful advice for your there.
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