Nov 12, 2014

Will VoIP work over a satellite internet connection?

My parents have a small business in a rural area with a satellite connection as their only internet option. Will a VoIP system still work with that set-up, or are they stuck with a traditional land line?
VoIP over Satellite - Does it Work?

"However there is still one big question mark with satellite Internet service and one we get asked about frequently - will VoIP work over satellite? The answer, unfortunately, is not straightforward and the best we can respond with is it might! Not the best answer, I know, but it is the truth. In this article we will give a background on satellite Internet service and how it works along with some of the issues that arise with this technology when it comes to VoIP phone service. We will also point you to a great test to run before signing up for VoIP service and provide some satellite Internet provider options that have support for VoIP."
Unfortunately, VoIP and satellite internet don’t work well together. The main issues are latency and jitter. Think about it, the voice data has to travel thousands of miles from earth, up to a satellite, back down to a ground station, then it can be sent on it’s way to the caller at the other end. It might work, but the call quality is going to be unacceptable. You can read a much more in depth analysis here if you are interested:
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