Nov 12, 2014

What's the best training institute in Hyderabad to learn hadoop?

I am currently working in CSC having a exp of 2 years in Support services.. I have basic

knowlodge of Java and Unix , so wanted to learn Hadoop. Can anybody suggest if moving to hadoop would be a good option ??

If Yes , please let me know how is the job opportunity in hyderbad in future for hadoop . And the best training institue in Hyderabad to learn hadoop?

Recently i have joined an institute which is very good and faculty are very experienced.. Especially Reddy sir coaching is superb.

If any one interested i suggest this swebsite
I found this LinkedIn page that might be of use to you:

I just found it in a search, so I can't vouch for it but it might be a useful place to start.
First off, keep in mind that most people that post on here are from the US, including me, so we are not likely to be familiar with specific institutions in India or the job market in a specific city there.

With respect to learning hadoop, in general this is a hot career path at the moment. I would think that you would be aware of this. If you do a google search for hadoop careers, you will find a wealth of information. It would help for you to have a good working knowledge of java. Hadoop is the most popular big data platform, and big data will probably remain a growing tech field for years to come. Every projection that I’ve seen suggests that there will be more big data positions than there are qualified candidates to fill them for the next few years, and this means that you can expect a good salary. Good luck.
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