Nov 08, 2014

How to use Raspberry Pi to check equipment status at a remote transmitter site

Can I put a Raspberry Pi up on a remote transmitter site with a generic browser that will run Java and team viewer or VNC so I can access the system and check on the status of my equipment?

It is a Rohde & Schwarz television transmitter that has a NetCCU unit whose interface is Java based. My only access to the mountain is a AT&T mobile wifi hotspot that hands off a hard wire static IP address. I would like to put a DNS App and a browser on the Pi. That way I could just remotely access the Pi, launch the browser and view and control the transmitter.
I can't give you a direct answer on this, but here are links to some Rasberry Pi resources that might point you in the right direction:

Rasberry Pi FAQ

Rasberry Pi Help page:

Rasberry Pi forums:

Rasberry Pi resources:
I don’t know enough about the Raspberry Pi to give a meaningful answer, but another forum that I’m active on, xda developers, has a Raspberry Pi forum. It’s not the most active, but there are some pretty knowledgeable people on there and they might be able to help.

Also, there is a forum for automation, sensing and robotics at I bet someone there has experience setting up something similar.
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