Nov 07, 2014

How to stop carriers like Verizon from tracking me with “super cookies?”

Apparently, Verizon has been using some kind of “perma cookie” or “super cookie” that tracks the online activities customers, even when all of the privacy settings in my browser are set for maximum privacy and minimum tracking. What’s worse, they then sell my personal information, without my permission, to third parties. I personally feel this is an utterly reprehensible and offensive disregard from my privacy. Is there any way to opt out or otherwise stop Verizon from continuing this practice?
The best way is to dump the carrier who is doing it and switch to another one who doesn't do it. ExtremeTech notes in this article that Sprint and T-Mobile don't appear to use super cookies like Verizon.
I found a nice summary of what Verizon is doing at Basically, Verizon is injecting a unique HTTP header when your device sends an HTTP request. While Verizon is using this for advertizing, it also allows websites easily to track you even if you have cookies blocked or Do Not Track turned on. According to the article, HTTP blockers like AdBlock Plus or Privacy Badger should still be effective.
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