Nov 07, 2014

Recover account password from Outlook 2007

Have a nice day all,

Is there any way to recover an email account password from Outlook 2007 (must be a free solution), I can reset the password but just wondered if I could find out the original password?

Any advice!
Marvacek has a good answer, but here's a link to the Outlook support page in case you have additional issues:
This may help you to get rid of your problem:

1. Right click on the .pst file name in your folder list.

2. Choose Properties (Data Files Properties in Outlook 2010/2013), then Advanced button.

3. Click Change Password button.

4. Type your password in the Old password field.

5. Leave the New password and Verify fields blank.

6. Click Ok and work your way back to Outlook.

This dialog is also accessible from File, Account Settings, Data File tab. Select the pst file and click Settings.
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