Nov 05, 2014

How much does it cost to replace a broken Microsoft Surface Pro 2 screen?

The screen on my wife’s Surface Pro 2 was broken during a recent trip (even though it was inside of a suitcase at the time). It’s out of warranty, if that would matter. I looked up repairs on the Microsoft website, and I found out where to send it, but I didn’t see a price anywhere. Has anyone had to have a screen replaced, and if so, how much did it cost?
Dear Friends,

My name is vikram, I am from India. I am doing servicing of Laptop and Desktop in India, Karnataka, place called Udupi (Manipal) Please listen my tragic story about Microsoft Surface Pro2. One student of our Institute (Manipal Institute of Technology) i.e. Engineering College, who had the same model and he brought to me this tab in dead condition. He requested that there is no one who are ready to repair this and this was about 2 years old. If he send it to Microsoft it will be huge money which is not affordable for him, because he is a student. Upon his request I sent this to Bangalore, Big city where critical laptops were serviced by expert service personnel's. During transportation the display was broken. Now he is asking me to replace the entire system which I am not able to do it.

If any one kind heartedly help me to get screen at reasonable price. Or anyone who is not able to repair their MS surface pro2 set. Please help me.

Thanking you

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Do NOT send it to Microsoft. The total cost is $350. Any warranty does not cover a broken screen. It has been a month and they still haven't sent my replacement back yet even though the receipt said it would be shipped back within a few business days. I started calling support after 2 weeks to see what was taking so long. They told me it was being shipped and I would receive it the following Monday 3 times. They were never able to give me a Shipping confirmation or tracking number. The money was taken out of my account two days after sending it in. I still have no replacement one month later.
I have had the worst experience few weeks back with Microsoft. I had my surface 2 screen crack where I got hold of the web chat on surface support, I am within warranty,they asked me to send it to see if it was a genuine crack, I actualy didnt know how it cracked, the worst service I ve come across to send it to surface support, Tamenda which is the shiiping software run by a company, then Quuitun soultion which organises the pick up, and courier please the real couriers, so there are 4 parties involved for this item to be shipped to the support desk, they did not turn up on the day it was booked, then called here and there , Tamendo have the customer service in Philipines, they asked me to call quintum, then back on forth, the worst service I had , another day was booked, it was picked up by a Courier guy who actually didnt call me when he was at my door step at 7.30 AM. Item was returned, they found the screen was damaged intentionally, I thanked them for wasting my time , Even though I was at home they dropped a card in my mail box for me to go and pick up the item from a news agency, I thanked them for that courteous service, so 5 companies were involved for this whole process. There was this call from one of the Managers when he realised that I was unhappy with the whole situation, He offered me the most pathetic offer and never expected that from somebody who works for Microsoft, He said if I am not happy to replace the screen for $ 400 , then I can buy an extended warranty, I said ohh really how much is that, he said $ 400 , , I said the surface 2 cost me just $ 300, 11 months back and I m not dumb and stupid as him and thanks for wasting my evening and after along time I spoken to a D@#$ head working for a one of the biggest companies in the World.
I also terrified with MS service. But I can suggest to buy your surface pro 2. I have the same model and I want to change battery. So it could be a great deal for both of us.
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Hi all

just a heads up I have noticed a lot of people wanting repairs and no one is repairing them,

We now repair the RT 1&2 versions and the PRO 1&2 versions best to give us a call as the prices change depending on the market,
At this stage we don't repair the 3's still waiting for replacement screens maybe in a few months we will, but if you are in warranty buy the extra coverage then make a claim.

Hope this helps everyone! also MrPC is in melbourne so we do mail repairs send it in via registered post and we will send it back via registered post.
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to also comment. DO NOT PHONE MICROSOFT SUPPORT AT ALL if you accidently break your screen, if you can still purchase the full extended warranty coverage that includes accidental coverage within 45 days of your original purchase!!!

I recently had a Surface Pro 3 bought for me, and within 5 days of having it, it dropped from a couch on to the floor, and the screen shattered. I phoned Microsoft support as I was not sure about my warranty, because it was a gift. Due to the fact that I told them about the cracked screen this made me ineligible to purchase the extended warranty even though I fall well before the 45 days. So essentially being honest does not pay off here.

They will mark your file and the extended warranty will not help you because you reported it broken before you purchased the extended warranty. I know this may be common sense not to phone, but I had the same thing happen to me with an Apple Ipad Air, and they told me to actually purchase the coverage over the phone.
Mine broke last night, so I feel your wife's pain. Which is almost as painful as the answer to your question. I called Microsoft today and they said it was $300 to fix it. Sorry.
The Microsoft Surface support site has an option that lets you talk to a tech about repairs. It's option #2 on this page:

Your best bet is to ask them what the cost of the repair will be before you send it to them.
I had some trouble tracking down a specific number for a screen replacement, but I don’t think you are going to like what I found. At least one site says that the replacement cost for anything (because the swap it out instead of actually fixing it) at $469.99. This figure is from over a year ago, so maybe it has changed some by now.

There was also a thread in Microsoft forums where the cost of a battery replacement was $449.99 if you used the self-service website, and $469.99 if done “with the agent’s assistance.” The amount should be the same for battery or screen, since for either repair you get a replacement device because the Surface is just too hard to work on.
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