Nov 04, 2014

When will the Apple Watch be released?

How long will it be before the Apple iWatch (or is it just "Watch") goes on sale? Also, has there been any information about the price?
During Apple’s Q1 earnings call, Tim Cook said that the Apple Watch will be available in April, with the least expensive version costing $349. You will also need an iPhone 5 or newer to use the Watch.
Looks like late spring from what I've been seeing in the media. But this is Apple so they will hold off until they feel the product is ready to launch properly. So we won't know until we're very close to the launch period.
According to a leaked transcript of a video message to employees from Apple’s Senior VP of Retail and Online Stores, Apple’s new watch is scheduled to go on sale in Spring 2015. As far as I know, there is not specific release date at this point.

Here’s the exact quote from 9 to 5 Mac:

“...we’re going into the holidays, we’ll go into Chinese New Year, and then we’ve got a new watch launch coming in the spring.” - Angela Ahrendts
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