Nov 03, 2014

How to fix PS4 that has flashing orange light and won’t restart from Rest Mode?

I’ve never had any issues with my PS4 to this point, but now when I put in into “rest mode” (formerly known as “stand-by”) it locks up the system and the light bar on top of the system flashes orange. I’ve tried holding down the power button for extended period to try to get restarted in safe mode, but nothing happens. The only thing I found to do is pull the power cable, but that generates all sorts of warnings, and I’m concerned that this could cause corrupted data. At this point, I’m actually hesitant to turn my PS4 back on. Any suggestions on what to do, short of returning it to Sony for repairs? I upgraded to a 1TB HDD and have games installed on it; It will be a pain to have to remove that and put a blank 500GB drive back if I have to send it to Sony, so I’d rather avoid that if possible.
Wow. its almost 2016 and i just started having this problem.
yea same here its update 3.11 at this stage i wonder. have u changed ur standard hdd yet on ur ps4
Looks like you have two good answers already, but here's a link to the PlayStation support page in case anything else comes up:
Sony just released a new update to fix this problem. Install the new 2.01 update, and hopefully the issue will be resolved (if you can turn on your device, you can to to Settings>System Software Update to make sure it is downloaded and installed). Otherwise, follow Number6's instructions to restart in safe mode and perform the update.
It seems that something about the recent system update is causing this issue for some PS4 owners when they try to put the system in standby mode (now called “rest mode”). Sony suggested that reinstalling the update might help. If you want to do that:
1. When the system is powered off, hold down the power button until it beeps TWICE. This usually takes about 10 seconds or so.
2, Connect a controller using a USB cable to navigate in safe mode.
3, Go down to the option to “update system software.” This is the third option from the top, and you need to make sure that you choose the correct option,
4. The latest system update will reinstall, and your PS4 will reboot.

Option B: Don’t use Rest Mode until Sony issues a patch - when you are done using the system use the power off option instead. In a tweet a day or so ago, Sony acknowledged that there is an issue, and they are “working to resolve ASAP, will update soon.” I don’t know how quickly they will push this out, but until they do I personally will not be using rest mode to avoid any chance of bricking my system.
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