Nov 01, 2014

What internet browser still works with Windows 2000?

IE 6 seems dead, what are some other options?
Best advice is to use a search engine and search for recent Windows 2000 web browsers and you should still find a few up to date browsers that support Windows 2000. Just make sure your CPU is a P4 or newer. As of now, all the new and up to date browsers don't support SSE CPU's!
I am using Firefox 12.0 because it seems to be the best available (and most recent version that will work) for Win2K.

I also have IE6, but rarely use it because of the repeated nags to upgrade to an IE version that will not work on Win2K.

BTW, when someone gets Chrome to work with Win2K, post the download link and your instructions, because Chrome installs have failed on every Win2K system I've tried them on.
Do you have a copy of the IE6 standalone file you can send me a link to? I have hardware that requires ie6sp1 and the only links I can find are for the 480kb stub which is no longer supported.
CNet has a list of some that work with Windows 2000:
Apparently Opera will also work on 2K.
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