Nov 01, 2014

Is towelroot safe?

So as my question states,Is towelroot really safe?I mean,I've watched quite a number of videos in YouTube where towelroot shows it miracle greatly .The reason I'm hesitating to trying towelroot or not is because I had a sII before and I gave my friend to root it (the multisteps method)early last year and the phone messed up and got broke so it set up a bit of a trauma I guess , so really hope you can answer this question of mine.just noticed ,the paragraph was longer than I thought it'd be. O:
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Personally, I wouldn't use it but your mileage may vary.
Yes, Towelroot is safe. There are the same security concerns that you would (or should) have with any rooted phone, in that you can easily give dangerous permissions to sketchy apps, but Towelroot itself is just a means to an end. I currently have an LG Volt Android phone that I rooted using towelroot. I've rooted every Android phone and tablet that I have ever owned, and using towelroot was the easiest method I’ve ever found for rooting. By far.

From what I understand, recent updates to Android can close off the method Towelroot used, so it may not work for much longer. The developer behind Towelroot, Geohot, is well known and respected in the developers’ community. This is the same guy that unlocked the iPhone and figured out the PS3, so he/she has a good track record.

I’ve used Towelroot without any problems, and I would use it again without hesitation.
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