Oct 30, 2014

What does Google’s new Inbox app do that Gmail doesn’t already offer and how can I try it?

What features does Inbox by Gmail add to “normal” Gmail? Is it worth a try, and if so how can I get it?
Check out this site for info on Inbox:

Google has a nice, short introductory video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/ayFAQ2OoJaA

More or less, Inbox changes the UI significantly, and lets Google decide what you want to see, based on your past usage history. It also bundles emails into, er, bundles that try to keep similar content grouped together. It also can add relevant information to emails that you receive, such as the time of a flight or movie. One of the more obvious changes will be that the trash can is gone, and it replaced by a sort of auto-archiving function that takes place whenever you mark an email as “done.” I haven’t tested this out myself yet, due to Inbox being an invite only beta, but I could see that taking some getting used to.
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