Oct 30, 2014

How to check an unknown USB drive for viruses and keep your computer safe during the process?

USB flash drives are a pretty common and well known attack vector, but how can you safely check an unknown USB drive without exposing the computer to potential malware?
Always keep windows firewall turned on and security program up to date. and also keep your ongoing protection on of your antivirus program. and also don't forget to scan USB when you insert it.

How to Remove a Virus From a Flash Drive

"A computer virus is a harmful program can delete vital information, cause unexpected errors, and slow down your system. Viruses can spread from computer to computer in many ways, including through USB storage devices, such as external hard drives or flash drives. Removing a virus from a computer or device can be tough, but it isn't impossible. Keep reading for detailed instructions on removing a virus from a flash drive."
You could use a USB write-blocker to prevent autorun.inf from being created

Check out this link: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/tools-to-protect-computer-from-infected-usb-drives/
The safest way is to use other pc which do not connected to your local area network in any way.
it means that other pc is ready to be infected by that usb flash drive.

use virtual box to run another os , then u can check that usb flash drive there.

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