Oct 29, 2014

How to setup port forwarding on home network?

I want to host a game server on my home network, and would like to set up port forwarding. Can anyone either post a guide or point me to a good one to walk me through the process. I’ll be using a Windows 7 desktop as a server.
Port Forwarding How to

"Here is how it works, when the Internet packets hit cable/DSL router or wireless router with particular destination port number, the router will forward the traffic to particular internal servers based on that destination port number.

When you do this configuration on router, you need to know the ports that used by the software/server that you plan to have port forwarding, and then configure the port information and also the computer IP that will run that application/server. That’s all… Also check on the router manual for more information on how to do it."
It’s not hard, but there are quite a few steps. Ubergizmo has a pretty good “how to” that is easy to follow.
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