Oct 28, 2014

How to use the new Shareplay feature on PS4?

There was an update to the PS4 today, and one of the new features is Shareplay. This sounds really neat - it will let me share a game I own with my online friends with PS4s, and they don’t have to own a copy of the game. One question...how do I go about using this feature?
Unfortunately, Shareplay needs a little more work. It's a bit laggy, which can impact the gameplay experience. Hopefully it will get better over time. It's still pretty neat and a great idea.
Guide: How to Use Share Play on the PS4

"There are a ton of great additions available as part of PlayStation 4 firmware update v2.00, but Share Play is without a doubt the headline feature. This nifty tool allows you to create a kind of virtual couch environment, which enables you to “pass the controller” to an online friend, essentially allowing them to take control of your game. Here’s how it works."
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